Text Neck: Crisis at Our Door!

Doctors say that we are on track for this posture to become the structural norm in the human race within two generations.

With the proliferation of cell phones and the digitization of our lives, we see ever-worsening posture in people of all ages. Look at children at the bus stop. They’re all on their phones with their heads and necks bent way forward. Doctors are treating what they call “Text Neck” in epidemic proportions, especially in young people. Doctors say that we are on track for this posture to become the structural norm in the human race within two generations. We’re toast! Text Neck is a healthcare crisis for the human race, and even more so for generations yet unborn. Text Neck  compromises our nervous systems from the start and, with that, harms every system in our bodies.


Not corrected, Text Neck leads inevitably to cognitive impairment and what doctors call Digital Dementia. For, with all organ systems in compromise, your brain no longer receives all that it needs to nourish and fuel it to be at its best.  Signs of cognitive impairment come earlier and earlier, and the optimal health we were designed to enjoy, starts to slip away. We literally may no longer have access to our best selves! It is a crisis wholly of our own making, and we hold all the cards in its solution. The fix is so very, very simple and equally as difficult. Come learn the crisis that is Text Neck, and let it be your first step back to beautiful posture and the fullness of you own self.  Larry can start you on that path.


Larry speaks on Text Neck, sounding the alarm to every parent and grandparent who will hear. PTA’s, church groups, workplace lunch-and-learns, civic organizations, wherever people gather who get that our children, grandchildren, generations yet unborn, and literally the human race, are on the line here. Book him today!


Larry, you have a real talent for making complicated ideas understandable and with good humor. You had a captivated audience.


Jack Lane, Ph.D
Professor Emeritus of History, Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida

Larry, your message is so timely and inspiring! You deliver a profound vision with wit and enthusiasm. You encourage me to be steadfast in living these principles.



Emilee Stewart Carleton
President, Private Universe Aromatherapy

You gave me tons of brownie points with my crowd. Thank you! Your knowledge and vitality, and the obvious joy you took in presenting this material, captured every ear in the crowd. As I watched the audience nod their heads, completely entrained with you, I knew we had found the kind of speaker I hope for but do not often see delivered. Boy, did you deliver! Thank you for making my job such a pleasure.



Lila Scholer
Institute of Noetic Sciences, Orlando

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